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The Dark Side of the Scooby Gang

Last updated: March 3rd, 2000
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Here's the real Scooby Doo Gang:

And here are their evil counterparts:

The Nega-Scooby Doo Gang

What's this!?!?!

This web page is one which describes those behind most all of the mysteries the Scooby Doo Gang solved. And have you ever pondered over those glitches contained within several episodes of Scooby Doo? By Jove! Could it be! NOTICE: Remember that these are not the real members of the Scooby Doo Gang. They are each real Scooby Gang members's evil arch-nemeses. So, don't e-mail me telling me that I'm insulting Scooby Doo! Cause I'm not! So, if you do, in your ignorance you didn't read this and thus have no argument.


Nega-Scooby Doo Gang Synopsis

Coming Eventually! Nega-Scooby Doo Gang History (a.k.a. Pup Named Devil Doo) Sneak Peek


Evil-minded Velma - Find out the results to the How's it spelled? Poll!

Hot Stuff Freddy

Dark Daphne

Devil Doo

Disgruntled Shaggy

Scrappy Doo - Eeeek!!!! The very name fills my heart with terror!

The Misery Machine (Under Construction)

Nega-Gang Fan Art and Stories


It's high time someone confronted this issue, and therefore I, Dr. Jekyll, decided that since no one would, I would be the one to first do it. Also, notice that all pictures found on this site are original except for the ones pertaining to the real gang and Scrappy. To send comments about this page to me click here:


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